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Andrzej Gieraga


Born 1934 in Śliwniki, Lodz district. Professor of Fine Arts in Lodz, where he lectured until 2005. In the years 1994-2014 he worked at the Technical University of Radom (now the University of Technology and Humanities), since 2008 head of the Department of Painting and Drawing. From 2014 he has been working at the Faculty of Arts of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz.

He paints, draws, print marks digital and functional. He has more than 70 solo exhibitions and participated in over 300 group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Widely awarded, including the Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting in Szczecin in 1972 the main prize, in 1974 journalists cultural award, in 2006 ZPAP award.

Golden Bunch, Zielona Gora - a medal with distinction and journalists reward in 1973, first prize in the 1977, Grand Prix in 1979. Awards of the Minister of Culture and Art in 1973, 1987, 1990.

Katowice Mayor Award at the 2nd Triennial of Polish Graphics in Katowice in 1997. Gold medal with Long Service awarded by the President of Poland in 2006. Gloria Artis medal issued by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2012.

He is the author of wall realizations, such as the frontons/overdors in the interiors of the Museum of the City of Lodz, in the Golden Hall (1976-1978) and the Arthur Rubinstein Music Gallery (1988-1989).

Beyond artistic and scientific work he leads an active organizational and social activity of popularizing art. He was the founder and long-term guardian university of Wladyslaw Strzemiński contest, organized for students for the first time in 1983 and held until today.

In 1990 he created at his alma mater Gallery 261. As a result the activities of Galeria (1995-2005), at the special request addressed to the leading artists he established a rich collection artworks transferred to the college by Polish and foreign authors.

He co-founded the “Krotka i wezlowato” Gallery at the Technical University of Lodz.

Be the decision of the Senate he created a permanent galleries in the corridors and halls of two hospitals in Lodz - Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital in 1997 and a few years later in the Nicholas Pirogov hospital. Additionally, in the garden of the Copernicus hospital he created a gallery of outdoor sculpture.

He lives and works in Lodz.

His works are in collections of many museums in Poland and abroad, among others: the National Museums in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz Museum of Art, Museum of the City of Lodz, Silesian Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Radom, Mazowieckie Art Center "Elektorwnia" in Radom, Lubuska Land Museum in Zielona Gora, Studio Art Centre in Warsaw, the Polish Sculpture Center in Olonsk, the District Museum in Chelm and other regional museums, the Museo de Arte Contemporanea in Sao Paulo Museum, Pushkins Museum in Moscow, City Talla, Sammlung Vass in Budapest, L'Europe des GRAVEURS Grenoble Bibliotheque Municipale de Grenoble, Kulturzentrum Marlet Beratzhausen, Batuz Foundation Sachsen Altzella Abbey, Mondriaanhaus in Amersfoort, private collections at home and abroad.




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