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Andrzej Gieraga


Curator : Opening : 14.11.2014 | mia ART GALLERY


The master of shape and light, abstractionist and geometrist, Andrzej Gieraga, will present his paintings at mia ART GALLERY.

In the GIERAGA 2014 exhibition, we will show a cross-section of the artist’s works, from small illustrations to large painted relief projects, including original tonda. In total, over 80 objects in an incredible industrial space with a view of the Odra River, at Staromłyńska 4.

The enormous range of the works which at the same time are absolutely consistent formally show demonstrate a conscious, consistent creative strategy. As Bożena Kowalska writes, Gieraga is “[…] a recognisable artistic individuality. His specificity meant that he chose the language of geometry for his art from among all his skills, and that in all his projects, the main element that shaped the work was, and is, light.”

Viewers of the exhibition will have the opportunity to discover how light changes and consciously complements the works of the painted. Andrzej Gieraga is also a creator of simple and harmonious, complementary compositions that stand out because of their perfect workmanship. Thus silence rises up – a space for experiencing his mature art that soothes the senses.


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