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About gallery

mia ART GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery operating in Wroclaw, founded in 2012 on the initiative of Magdalena Mielnicka. It is currently located in the heart of Wroclaw's market square, at 11 Solny Square.

In addition to the big names of contemporary art, we present the works of young artists, as well as the activities of less recognized, sometimes unjustly forgotten artists.

During the ten years of our existence, we have marked our presence in several locations important on the map of the capital of Lower Silesia. As part of the Art Main Station by mia project, we organized several exhibitions in the space of Wrocław's Main Station and the Old Mine Science and Art Center in Walbrzych. We are currently developing the New Art Space project in Nowa Ruda.

The key of the gallery's activity is its audience: we want to enable visitors to have the deepest possible individual reception of the work. We focus on building lasting relationships with both collectors, artists and anyone interested in art. Caring for the individual collector, and promoting collecting as a phenomenon, remains one of our priorities.


Magdalena Mielnicka

the founder and owner of mia ART GALLERY, president of All That Art! Foundation, marchand

Bogusław Deptuła

art critic, curator and historian, author of numerous publications dedicated to arts and culture

Patrycja Bochenek

manager in mia ART GALLERY, art history student

Agata Mielnicka

Jerzy Wypych

Marek Słodkowski

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