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Andrzej Gieraga

Andrzej Gieraga - Chromaty / Achromaty

Curator : Bogusław Deptuła Opening : 19.09.2020 | mia ART GALLERY, Pl. Solny 11


Andrzej Gieraga (born 1934) is a painter, graphic artist, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Technical University of Radom. He is one of the most outstanding living Polish representatives of the geometric abstraction trend. In his work, he references the legacy of Henryk Stażewski, while at the same time seeking his own artistic path, which is an inclination for such means of expression as light and colour. The exhibition will present the most recent series of his works.

Andrzej Gieraga thought and called his paintings "progressions" and he was right in two ways, because he described what he had been doing so far, but also in a way programmed his colour, i.e. also the chromatic progression that took place in his works recently, and which is now being discussed. It is a step into innovation and a wide-eyed colour intensity.
I keep stubbornly writing about colours, but in these new pictures/reliefs, new forms, new spaces, new solutions, new perspectives have also appeared. The familiar flatness that once dominated gives way to an immersive spatiality. Gieraga returns to the basic, plottable, Renaissance perspective. And it is yet another surprise that it is possible do it in such a simple, almost textbook-like way and achieve such a spectacular effect, spatial and expressive. – writes about the upcoming presentation Bogusław Deptuła, the curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be enriched with text written by Bożena Kowalska – art historian, art critic and theorist, long-time menton of Andrzej Gieraga.


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