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wielu artystów

Meetings: Krakow - Wroclaw - Lodz

Curator : Opening : 19.02.2020 | Plac Solny 11, Wrocław


Meetings: Krakow - Wroclaw - Lodz

19.02 - 14.03

kurator: Bogusław Deptuła

mia ART GALLERY, Plac Solny 11

Taking place within the space of mia ART GALLERY is an unobvious intergenerational and intergenre meeting of artists of very different ages and origins, artistic worldviews and technical preferences.

Classics of Polish modernity are represented by Hanna Krzetuska, Józef Hałas, Konrad Jarodzki, Adam Marczyński, Antoni Mazurkiewicz, Jerzy Nowosielski and Antoni Starczewski. Andrzej Gieraga can also be undoubtedly included in this group. Although not in a direct and institutional way, he can be considered a predecessor of the explorations of Urszula Madera, who represents the youngest generation of artists.

Her teacher from the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Łukasz Huculak, uses a completely different style – here we will see works focusing on the issues of spaces. This is also a subject taken up by Kamil Moskowczenko, who delves into the issue using completely different aesthetics.

Lev Stern, who has returned to Wrocław after many years of being away, has joined the city’s artistic community, bringing in significant revitalisation.

Meetings, sometimes inevitable, sometimes accidental, sometimes desirable, invariably broaden our artistic awareness.

So we invite you to visit and meet us in the space of mia ART GALLERY in Wrocław.


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