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Attitudes IX

Curator : Opening : 01.03.2024 | 23:24


We invite you to the opening of the competition exhibition, which will be held on May 19 at 7:00 pm at mia ART GALLERY.

The formula of the "Attitudes" painting contest is seemingly trivial, but this competition is far different from other ventures of this type. For it is not a competition for the prettiest picture, for the largest canvas, maintained in a fashionable, muted color palette. The purpose of "Attitudes" is to search for and attempt to identify the most interesting, promising and mature artistic personalities, moving in the broadly understood area of contemporary painting.

This year's edition of "Attitudes" is the ninth edition of the competition, which in its formula is both intimate and elite. Elite, because it is addressed exclusively to a small group of students of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. What's more, the competition is nominated by the professors who run the painting studios. This award, which is a kind of anointing, is at the same time a contribution to an in-depth discussion on a number of issues. Is the (once, after all, almost imperative) master-student relationship still relevant in 2023? What is the condition of so-called "young painting"? How do young painters perceive contemporary reality? How do they perceive their role in the artistic community or society? Finally- how do they utilize their skills and their sensitivity? "Attitudes" is also a competition that goes beyond a review of the most interesting painting phenomena to examine (and perhaps expose) the condition of contemporary artistic higher education.

The composition of this year's jury:

Magda Mielnicka, owner of mia Art Gallery;

Piotr Sarzyński, art critic, journalist and columnist associated with Polityka;

Piotr Lisowski, artistic director of 66P, curator, art historian, independent researcher of contemporary art;

Agnieszka Brzeżanska visual artist, painter, photographer, video maker;

Prof. Wojciech Pukocz, Rector of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

This year's edition is again a collaboration with a well-known Wroclaw gallery with a strong presence - mia Art Gallery. As in previous years, the Grand Prix winner will receive both a financial prize and an opportunity in the form of a solo exhibition at mia Gallery, accompanied by a publication. Mia Gallery's partners also anticipate supporting the winner in ways of their choosing.


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