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Lev Stern

LEV STRN. Out of depths I cry to You

Curator : Opening : 10.09.2016 | mia ART GALLERY


Lev Stern

Architect, sculptor, painter.

Born in 1945 in Yenakiieve in today's Ukraine.

His family after the war wandering in the areas of the then Soviet Union settled in 1948 in Wroclaw. In 1959, as a result of thickening, the unfavorable political aura, his family emigrated to Israel. In 1971 he obtained a diploma in Haifa University at the Faculty of Architecture.

He then moved to Jerusalem, where he opens own architectural office. He also teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Bezalei in Israel.

In 1984, he left for Paris, quits architecture and focuses on sculpture and painting.

In 2011 he returned permanently to Wroclaw.

Since 1982, he exhibits works on individual and collective exhibitions in Israel, France and more recently in Poland.




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