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Kamil Moskowczenko

What No One Has Seen

Curator : Bogusław Deptuła Opening : 26.03.2022 | mia ART GALLERY


Kamil Moskowczenko – What No One Has Seen
26.03 – 15.04
Curator: Bogusław Deptuła
mia ART GALLERY, Plac Solny 11, Wrocław

mia ART GALLERY invites you to Kamil Moskowczenko's solo exhibition What Nobody Has Seen, where we will present the artist's latest works, in which he creates his own worlds and spaces, inaccessible to the eyes of the audience. In line with Odilon Redon's view,
to "paint only what you cannot see".

What No One Has Seen
This title is a shortened version of a sentence by the turn-of-the-century French painter and graphic artist Odillon Redon, which reads in full: "To paint, only what one has never seen..."
A sentence manifesto, a sentence confession, a sentence programme – it appears in the context of the painting search and solutions of Kamil Moskowczenko, who dares to paint unseen worlds. To bring to life, even exclusively artistic, "artificial" new spaces, worlds, configurations of forms, is a great achievement. Forms whose existence no one predicted, forms whose shape is purely surprising, perhaps because we know them, perhaps we have seen them somewhere, but the truth about them is completely different – because they all came out of the painter's hand and brush, they are his exclusive creation. I do not know whether he saw them in his imagination, because that would mean that he first brought them to life by the force of his thought. That would be the loftiest and most splendid explanation, because it would mean that he has complete and absolute power over what comes out from under his hand and brush. And it seems to me that his plan is one thing, and the painterly-artistic effect is another. Everything is very carefully designed, but nevertheless a little chance gets under the brush and this chance may ultimately decide the look of the work. The dexterity of the hand and the unpredictability of the brush; the power of thought and the power of chance; the practice of the master and the presence of the unpredictable.
I wonder to what extent the artist's consent to the presence of chance in his final and accepted work may not be up to him? The most likely number is zero. At the same time, is this really the case? I don't want to and can't and have no basis for taking away the agency in Moskowchenko's work; I like to think that prowess and agency is one thing ,and the painterly element is another. The meeting between the two can be very fruitful.
Presenting what no one has seen is extremely appealing, and this is what Kamil Moskowchenko does.

Bogusław Deptuła

Kamil Moskowczenko – artist, curator, lecturer at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. Author of eight individual exhibitions and participant of over a hundred group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Co-founder of the EMDES Contemporary Art Gallery in Wrocław. Since 2011, he has participated in the artistic-research project "Silesium" – devoted to the reinterpretation of the historical and cultural condition of Lower Silesia through contemporary artistic means. Since 2005, he has been associated with the "SURVIVAL" art review, where he has presented his installations and objects.
He creates painting realisations, objects, installations and performances.
Inspired by nature, he transforms it into inspiration for his painterly pursuits. He creates images on the borderline between the visible and the invisible, representing and not representing; worlds that perhaps really exist, or perhaps function only in his imagination.


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