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mia NOVA | welcome reception


Dear Friends, you are invited to a very special celebration! mia is growing, fuelled by dreams and creative energy, both ours and that of people around us.

So, we hereby invite you to a HOUSE-WARMING PARTY!
There will be bread, water, wine, music and light – and probably much more – but above all, there will be wonderful people.
We are beginning work on a new space in a location that is already exceptional, not just because of the beauty around it – of nature, architecture, or the welcoming hearts of the hosts. The place is already a new centre of culture, and soon also of art.

It is Nowa Ruda.

In Nowa Ruda, a town located in the Central Sudety Mountains, between Kłodzko and Wałbrzych, close to the Owl Mountains, in a town with an impressive history, we are working on our new project – mia NOVA.

We are creating a space for artists and art enthusiasts, a place for exchanging experiences and inspirations, a place for art residencies and many other events that we will all be able to enjoy in the beautiful old town, in the picturesque mountain space.

This is only the beginning. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we want to invite you to welcome with us the extraordinary adventure that will undoubtedly be mia NOVA – a three-storey space at Kościelna 23a, right next to Nowa Ruda's market square, with a terrace looking out on the nearby peaks.

The mia NOVA welcome reception will take place on 24 July (Saturday) from 6pm until dawn. We invite you to join us and celebrate together with music, wine, and local delicacies.
The event is open to everyone.
See you there!

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