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CONTEST : Project of exhibition of word : I am an ECHO


The aim of the competition is the creation of a project that includes: a) an exhibition of words - a thematic arrangement in the two-level mia ART GALLERY, located at Św. Mikołaja 61-62 in Wrocław and b) publication of a volume of poetry in a form appropriate to the arrangement of the exhibition.

2. The competition design should contain detailed information about the implementation of a visual exhibition of the poetic texts of Prof. Waldemar Okoń, visualisation of the content in any technique, as well as an original description.

The curator of the exhibition is art historian Iwona Rosiak.



1. Competition announcement: 15.03.2016

2. Deadline for design submission: 30.04.2016

3. Results announcement: 15.05.2016


1. The main prize in the competition is an exhibition of the project and a publication of the

designed volume of poetry with the project author being named.

2. The cash prizes in the competition are:

1st place: 3000 PLN,

2nd place: 1000 PLN,

3rd place: 500 PLN.

3. The first 10 selected projects will be presented as honourable mentions during the exhibition.

4. The organiser has planned a vote on the presented designs and a post-exhibition announcement

of the audience choice for “Best Concept”.

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