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Agnieszka Apoznańska

Agnieszka Apoznańska "Tableware"


Agnieszka Apoznańska "Tableware"

14.04.2023 - 21.04.2023

SERWIS, 39 Hallera St., Wroclaw

The invitation to the feast has already been sent out. Since you are reading this you probably already received the envelope and gently opened it. Inside, in handwritten and precise handwriting, was written: "I invite you to my humble abode, I have prepared the table, dusted the glasses, ironed the dresses, poured the wine. I hope you will come, I am very much looking forward to your company. You know how to entertain us, how to cheer up a dusty company. They just sit here and wait. They wait for you to come back. Without your gaze, without your approval, we all get very tired here. The world freezes for moments when no one is looking at us. It's a terrible feeling, you know? It's as if the lights are turned off forever. Darkness. Without your eyes, without your involvement, we stand here as if we're stuck. Well, but I don't want to worry you too much about it, I think you will enjoy our feast. Ah, and you absolutely must see my dress. It is red, intense in color, it shines depending on the direction of the light. Unfortunately, it's also very delicate, so already in this letter I'm asking you - be careful not to accidentally break it when we're next to each other.

At the big round table."

We would like to invite you to the thresholds of the Service for Agnieszka Apoznanska's solo exhibition, which will present her latest series of paintings.

Agnieszka Apoznanska - born in 1995, in Wroclaw. Painter, Graduate of the Faculty of Painting in the studio of Prof. Łukasz Huculak at the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Scholarship holder of the President of Wroclaw and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Winner of the GRAND PRIX of the painting competition PO POSITIONS 7. In her work she explores the relationship of man with objects and the change of their meaning depending on the context and the way of looking. The artist's paintings are often inspired by her own experiences and personal relationship to selected objects.

The latest series of works "Nobody's Property" is a story about unnecessary, forgotten objects. The artist, who remains within the realm of her interest in ceramics and porcelain, searches for figurines exhibited at flea markets and online auctions, then analyzes their reevaluation in the context of the loss of their owner and, consequently, their place and significance in a home collection.

The exhibition is organized by the studio-gallery SERWIS, a place created by the Kolektyw Zbiór Pusty - students of the Faculty of Graphic and Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. The exhibition is created in cooperation with Mia ART GALLERY.

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