mia ART GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery based in Wrocław, established in 2012 by Magdalena Mielnicka.

To fuse youth with experience – such is our motto. We present the art of some of the most prominent – mostly Polish – creators of the 20th and 21st century at the same time giving space for expression for those who are still at the beginning of their artistic careers. Our interests span far beyond Polish (and, generally speaking, Central European) cultural area; we also dedicate much of our efforts to bringing to light the legacy of artists less recognizable, in some cases unfairly forgotten.

For years we have been representing the art of late Polish masters: Magdalena Abakanowicz (in partnership with Fundacja Magdaleny Abakanowicz / Magdalena Abakanowicz Foundation) and Józef Hałas (Fundacja Józefa Hałasa / Józef Hałas Foundation). We cooperate with such notable personalities of Polish artworld as Andrzej Gieraga, Konrad Jarodzki, Lev Stern, Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Zdzisław Nitka, with younger, well-known creator: Michał Misiak, Łukasz Huculak, Michał Marek, Natalya O., as well as with emerging talents: Paweł Czekański and Japan-based Atsushi Aizawa.

Within the span of several years we have been active in few important places scattered on the map of the capital of Lower Silesia (two rooms on Czysta Street, later on Staromłyńska and Św. Mikołaja, from January 2019 on: on Plac Solny / Solny Square), as well as in the city space itself. Under the banner of the Art Main Station by mia project (2016-2017) we organized several exhibitions in the space of Main Railways Station in Wrocław (e.g. the group exhibitions The Third Side of the Innocence. Installations, Meditation and Expression or solo shows of Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Konrad Jarodzki as well as Yolanta Nikt and Zdzisław Nitka) with further continuation in Galeria Dworcowa / Dworcowa Gallery (2017-2018; the exhibitions of Magdalena Abakanowicz – Effigies of Life and Alin Bozbiciu – Mimesis: (Re)Imagining the Real). We also cooperated with Muzeum Architektury / Museum of Architecture (Józef Hałas – In Pursuit) and with Centrum Nauki i Sztuki Stara Kopalnia / “Former Mine” Science and Art Centre in Wałbrzych (Magdalena Abakanowicz – Presence. Essence. Identity).

The key to our activities is the public itself: our aim is to give the visitors the possibility to experience an artwork on the deepest, most individual level. We focus on building a lasting relationships both with art collectors and with all those interested in visual arts in general. Care for an individual collector and promotion of art of collecting remains one of our priorities. One of the key elements of its realization is the Małe Wielkie Kolekcje / The Little Big Collections series of exhibitions: we already presented those of Mariusz Hermansdorfer (2017), Bożena Kowalska (2018) and Bogdan Górecki (2018).


The coordinator of the Gallery is All That Art! Foundation, established in 2011, which leads also the 360° art gallery by mia project, dedicated to creative activities from various fields: visual arts, literature or music. The project hosted the series of meetings Let’s Talk About Art, focused on such issues as art theory and art criticism.



Magdalena Mielnicka – the founder and owner of mia ART GALLERY, president of All That Art! Foundation, marchand

Bogusław Deptuła – art critic, curator and historian, author of numerous publications dedicated to arts and culture

Joanna Kaźmierczak – art historian and curator, PhD candidate at the University of Wrocław

Patrycja Bochenek – assistant in mia ART GALLERY, art history student




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