JAREK MADEJSKI. IMAGINATION. Photography exposition

We live in a world of definitions and viewpoints, rarely going beyond the well-known to us physical and material world. In my photographs I open the door to a different look, to go off what is understandable, conventional, named and defined.
"Imagination" from the cycle "Black Ear" is search for a different view of surround us objects and reality. This exploitation of the hidden secrets of the recesses of the souls of these items. And if only through a different perspective our reality can change?
In the "Imagination" it is clearly visible my fascination with Wojciech Fangors painting. From this remarkable way of painting my cycle takes a kind of inspiration and beginning. And as there are no accidents, and sometimes the end is the beginning. A certain photo in this series was made at a time when the world heard of the death of the great artist.
Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, therefore do not let ourselves, by all means, to discover and name what is shown in the photographs, nor how they were made. Do not search in them the "up" or "down," but let our imagination in an unrestricted manner admire the colors and follow the light.
I sincerely invite you to the world of "Imagination".

Jarek Madejski
I've always dreamed to describe the world of my imagination using the color. I chose the camera, lenses and light. I set myself the task of capturing the colorful aura that is produced by illuminated objects around them.
I photographed for a long time from the moment when I got the camera "Druh". Regardless of what I did, I had always carried something to take a picture with. It was and still is, as the creation of camera notes from life.
After a brief stint with a press photography, for a brief moment I became a TV productions designer, forwarded by production of sound commercials for the needs of radio stations. In the meantime, along with two buddies, we started the photographic company named aptly and mysterious "black ear". The venture did not last too long each one of us went his way. However, the idea of "Black Ear" that guided us back then, based on the idea: that when photographing even the most banal object, try to find its hidden nature and look at it in unobvious way, remained and resulted in the form of my photographic series "Black Ear".
In 1995 I built a studio and specialized myself in commercial culinary photography on the Polish and foreign markets for large and small producers.
Currently I realize exercises in photography at the School of Viamoda in Warsaw. I'm doing what I like. Photographing with imagination.

Photography exposition
16 July – 29 July 2016
ul. Św. Mikołaja 61-62
50-127 Wroclaw

Tuesday - Friday 12:00 – 18:00
Saturday 12:00 – 16:00

Organizer: mia ART GALLERY
Media patronage: Portal Rynek & Sztuka
Partners of the exhibition: Fundacja All That Art!, SleepWalker Boutique Hotel, Gephard Group, Fabryka Sensu, ProfiLab