FREAK SHOW is the title referring to the series of paintings created over the last few months; however, you can also see selected works in the exhibition, painted in the last ten years.

For me, every new painting is a kind of unknown; I reach, blindly in a way, for fragments, noises, clumps and runs of the world around us, both modern and of the past.

I collect these fragments constantly and keep them until they mature and find a new meaning, both in relation to others and surrounded by others. I put them together into graphical collages, give them new names and title, and it is only then that the painting becomes a new real being.

Every one of these beings is a specific illustration of the self, a way to digest my existing reality. It is also a bit of a picture from the psychoanalyst’s couch – a piece of my life, analysed and made public.

FREAK SHOW is my attempt to find and tell myself, as well as an attempt to answer the question of who or what is more crazy, the artist and that, which they have to deal with, including the “production” of the paintings, which is an action quite removed from the mainstream of contemporary art, or perhaps the madmen frozen on the canvases.

The characters in these paintings aren’t worried about their oddities – they seem to accept and even enjoy them; rather, they invite us to find the madman within ourselves, because it may be the only thing that will save us from the true, non-artistic madness.


Natalia Okoń-Rudnicka 



exhibition of paintings

5th of April - 16th of April 2016

Św. Mikołaja 61-62, Wrocław

Organizer: mia ART GALLERY

Partners:  All That Art!, fundation, Fabryka Sensu, Gephard Group, SleepWalker Boutique Hotel.