Between the 24th and 28th of February, the Exodus action was made public on the walls of ART MAIN STATION by mia as a painting, composed of 13 elements, titled Wave [Fala], which presented integration in disintegration – a whole divided into parts.

The three-day project consisted of subsequent stages of the work in motion: mounting the exposition and maps with addresses, disassembly of the first part and the first packaging of shipments, as well as the final disassembly – a summary of activities. Thirteen components of the work, which the artist allows to be touched, changed, rearranged in any way, were sent out into the world with a description of the action and an invitation to participate.

With this, the first showing of Wave, Urszula Śliz set out onto the Central European – and even intercontinental – path, along which she invites viewers to a dialogue about migration and movement in the meaning of many dimensions. The author has been preparing the project for a year – the project’s duration is long-term by design.

The artist is also interested in the course of the event itself, the forms of communication and dialogue, including between the galleries and institutions invited to participate.

And it all started here!

To quote Gostomski… it all starts in Wrocław.