The paintings of Janusz Kotlewski, Stanisław Młodożeniec, Jakub Słomkowski and Anna Szprynger – four artists associated with Abbey House Auction House – will be on display at the mia ART GALLERY in Wrocław, starting on the 6th of April, during the “Visions of Landscapes” exhibition.

As part of the exhibition, we will present nearly 40 paintings from the AHAH collection. They are an individual look of the artists at the classic painting subject that is the landscape. The art of Jakub Słomkowski remains the closest to traditional landscape painting, while the other artists interpret it in their own characteristic way. Janusz Kotlewski creates geometricized, rhythmised landscapes, Anna Szprynger’s canvasses show delicate lines that form abstract visions of landscapes that fill the surfaces of black or dark-grey areas like spider webs. Stanisław, Młodożeniec, in turn, the most experienced artist of the group, juggles landscape conventions easily and humorously, telling his own stories, full of colour and vitality, in his paintings.

The Wrocław “Visions of Landscapes” is another edition of the exhibition that the Abbey House Auction House presented for the first time in Petersburg last year. Now including the latest works by the four artists, the exhibition was on display at the Karkonoskie Museum inn Jelenia Góra in February 2014. In this same lineup, it will be present in the exhibition space at mia ART GALLERY until the 20th of April.

The Abbey House Aucion House is a Polish institution, funded in 2010, which combines investment, exhibition and educational activities with a scholarship system for artists. As one of the twelve largest companies on the global art market, included on the Skate’s Art Stocks Index, it has become a window into the world of Polish art, collaborating with foreign institutions and galleries. Since 2011, the company has been listed on the NewConnect stock market.