Two people, two worlds. A flirt with the everyday… life on painter’s canvases. The things that are the most important to us day to day – emotions, relations, desires – has become the inspiration for two interesting, although very different, painters.

Cracovian Bożena Knecht and Vratislavian Rafał Chojnowski have for years plumbed the depths of human relationships and the more or less subtle interpersonal games.

In the exhibition TUiTAM (HEREandTHERE), they invite the viewer into their worlds, each of which has a different colour and is governed by different principles. They search for an understanding with each other, but also show the separateness of the artist as a human being through their art.


Bożena Knecht, AKA Momoko. Lives and works in Krakow. Painter, photographer and sometimes writer. Graduated from the High School of Fine Arts in 1989. Works at the National Museum in Krakow in the painting and sculpture conservation workshop. Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers since 2001. Attended the aesthetics lectures by Dr J. Krupiński at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. Completed a course for collectors of contemporary art. Initiator of the “Cielesność” [“Carnality”] project, which involves interaction with other artists.

Rafał Chojnowski. Studied at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts in the painting faculty under Prof. Andrzej Klimczak Dobrzaniecki and Prof. Konrad Jarodzki. Lives and works in Wrocław.

TUiTAM: Bożena Knecht "Kiss Me Kiss" / Rafał Chojnowski "Tak się bawimy" [“This Is How We Play”]
11-25 July 2014 mia ART GALLERY, Wrocław
gallery open: Tues – Sat 1 PM – 7 PM /

Exhibition organiser: mia ART GALLERY, All That Art! Foundation
Partners:; NEC; Rezydencja Piasek; Strefa Dźwięku