Ziemowit Fincek

Ziemowit Fincek

born 1988



2009-2014 - Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland.

2011 – Faculty of Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, Italy.

His painting follows from peculiar, almost poetic interpretations of the surrounding reality. This artist likes to experiment with shape and form beginning with classic canvases, through original combinations with loom shape harmonic with content of painting, with sculptural installations ending. Unique and extraordinary. Though his work refers to reality he creates new entities. He has participated 


Important exhibitions:
2015- „Botanica”, individual exhibition in Gallery l'Enrepot , Monaco;
2015- „Polonia”, individual exhibition in mia ART. GALLERY, Wroclaw, Poland;
2013 - „5” - group exhibition, mia ART GALLERY, Wroclaw, Poland;
2011 - “New International Group Exhibition” - group exhibition, Camden Art Gallery, London, England;
2011 - “House of Change” – European Culture Congress. Wroclaw, Poland;
2008 - “Wystawa Sztuki” - group exhibition, Feldsberg, Germany.

Works for sale