Izabela Kowalczyk

Izabela Kowalczyk

born 1975


She was born in 1975, in Dzierzoniow. She graduated with honors from the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and she has diploma Ecole d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence, France where currently lives and works.

In 2002 received the French Government scholarship.

She paints and creates objects from border of painting.


Many times finalist in international competitions of painting, such as Novembre à Vitry, Galerie Municipale, Vitry-sur-Seine, Paris, 2014, 2013, 2011 or 2010 Prix Mourlot, Galerie Mourlot, Marseille, 2010. The winner of the Foundation Guasch Coranty, Barcelona, 2012 (Prize of honor), and the second prize in the competition of the Foundation Regards de Provence, Marseille, 2007. In 2002 finalist of International Young Art, ArtLink, Tel Aviv, participated in exhibitions in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Moscow.

She has exhibited her works in: Marseille (Galerie Passage de l'Art, 2014; Galerie Saint Laurent 2014 and 2013; Galerie Paradis 2012, Espace Culture 2012; Galerie du Tableau 2012, 2006); (Nîmes La Vigie - Art Contemporain 2014); Mirabeau (La Maison Bleue 2014); Avignon (Galerie Ducastel 2006 Cloitre St. Louis 2006), as well as in China, in Shanghai (Back Door Gallery 2009; New B Gallery 2008) and Chengdu (Chengdu University Gallery 2008).