Bryjanowska / Geppert / Gieraga / Hałas / Huculak /  Jurkiewicz / Madera / Moskowczenko / Paluszak / Stern / Szpakowska-Kujawska

12.05 - 07.06

kurator: Bogusław Deptuła

mia ART GALLERY, Solny Squaere 11

Meetings can be carefully planned and desired, or unforeseen and unexpected, and their effects can be irrevocable and suggestive, and they can all become unforgettable.

For the second time the mia ART GALLERY brings together paintings by artists from different generations and artistic circles; in these juxtapositions, different components are decisive: colour, landscape or cosmic inspirations, formal solutions, intuitions. Permeation, transition, osmosis, yes, yes, but with a great, maybe even decisive, dose of chance. It is worth remembering, since sometimes it is of great importance. Obviously, curatorial ideas are decisive, but the aforementioned “chance” has its important agentive part.

The mia ART GALLERY offers works by artists mainly from the Wrocław milieu, but there are also Andrzej Gieraga – a citizen of Łódź, or Michał Misiak from Krakow.

Meeting and juxtaposing Geppert – Szpakowska-Kujawska – Paluszak; or Bryjanowska – Huculak – Moskowchenko, one could undoubtedly trace the line of inspiration and permeation between them. However, the grouping of Jurkiewicz – Misiak – Stern is only a colour scheme meeting of different ranges of red. Hałas – Misiak, these are divergent reflections on the landscape, which inevitably find common points, resulting from their subject. Gieraga – Madera is actually an intergalactic meeting: they knew nothing about each other – a classic of geometric abstraction and a brand new graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design – but they are both fascinated with similar topics and often find surprisingly similar formal and artistic solutions.

Meetings II is actually a search for communities, unity, permeation – different generations, milieus, aesthetics; at the same time, it is possible, in an unexpected way, to find and discover strangely inevitable affinities between them. 

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