Łukasz Huculak - Science/Fiction 

22 November - 8 December

curator: Bogusław Deptuła

mia ART GALLERY, Solny Square 11, Wrocław


During the painting of Science/Fiction I imagined the civilisation of the future discovers the relics of the past world under a layer of ash, Pompeian frescoes documenting the rituals and fears of the era of climatic chaos. The aesthetics of subsequent epochs may be close to star archaeology, raw, rocky, devoid of the presence of living organisms on our scale. In the utopian version, it will be technology that will combine intelligence with landscape, making civilisation invisible. The dystopian scenario is less green hues, more dark apocalypse.


 We arrange the cosmos according to our human ideas, modest and rather incomplete. We know only a few planets, but we want to believe that the principles that prevail on them can be transferred to any number of those that are unknown and undiscovered. We spread the imperialism of our extremely modest imagination to infinity, the size of which we will probably never truly know.

Łukasz Huculak, a painter of many unobvious things, has now put before us many other cosmic hypotheses and hypostases. Along with his paintings, we travel through the spaces we most simply define as cosmic, but in reality, we cannot be certain about, because perhaps they are only some microscopic revelations enriched with a few optical disturbances or some interference.

The imagined spaces do not follow a single order. I'm certain there could be many of these orders. One of them is absolutely undeniable – the order of the brush, paints and canvas. All of this was created from them by the hand of the painted. Illusion – illusions – most certainly. The reality of the technique, without any doubt. There are probably many coincidences, but never decisively. 

Bogusław Deptuła


Łukasz Huculak, born in 1977, graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Fine Fine, where he is the director of a painting studio and the Interdepartament Doctoral Studies. He is interested inin fraily and fragmentariness, and uses the aesthetics of unprofitable forms:sketches, destruct and non finito. Recipient of scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, the government of Bavaria and various non-govermental organisations. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Painting Festival in Szczecin. 2nd prize in the national competition for best AFA diplomam  and honorous at the Painting Festival Bielsko Autumn and the Small Painting Form Biennale in Toruń. He curates, publishes texts about art. He has edited several group publications. He is a member of the Wrocław Academy of Young Scholars and Artists. He is currently an artist-in-residence in Paris.