Mateusz Dąbrowski (born in 1980) graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He works in the Studio no 6 at the  Faculty of Graphic Design of the mother Academy. He deals with graphic art, painting and spatial form. He is  creating in the geometric abstraction trend. Thanks to the experience with the formation of graphic plates he’s experimenting with various materials: metal, wood, paper, plastics.

About Mateusz Dąbrowski’s series Mirrors.

"Works in the Mirrors series look extremely simple – although certainly not banal, but unambiguous: tondi, some with a diameter of 100 cm, others 25 cm, bent in a similar way attract, absorb and refract light, but at the same time reflect it to some extent; unobvious, dark mirrors, silvery, copper, greyish, undefined, sophisticated, a bit like paintings, a bit like reliefs at the same time.

A multiplicity and richness of mirrors, the likes of which had to appear in the space of art and reality. They have not penetrated too far into reality, but perhaps in the end, this will happen, too. I wanted to call these physical objects, round in form, paintings, as tradition demands, but I don’t think that is what they are! So, what are they? And here is the problem, because there is something of a double agent in them, reflecting physical light and being at the same time some kind of emanation of cosmic light. The moon – a mirror of the sun; what a cliché, but also a physical and optical fact, at least from our earthly perspective – for the moment, the only one we have. The planet Earth, among other planets, curved flying saucers, or perhaps comets, satellites, delusions. Illumination and lack thereof, red dwarfs, red giants, I know very little about the cosmos, but at the same time, I have the impression that Mateusz Dąbrowski does not take his eyes off it, even if he rarely looks up. In his small studio, I couldn’t find a spyglass or a telescope. Perhaps he uses then when nobody’s looking, or on trips to the planetarium, but I don’t think that’s what happens. Because this cosmos may be more in him than in outer space. This penetration certainly exists, but at the same time, I have the impression that Mateusz Dąbrowski’s cosmos is born within him; it draws the greatest power and energy from him. At the same time, he is an artist who does not stop searching, and he could give his ideas to many others. His cosmic, planetary, levitating mirrors can induce many to make intergalactic journeys without going beyond the boundaries of these compositions or beyond the threshold of his studio."

 Bogusław Deptuła