"Little Michael and the Moon" by Waldemar Okoń & Natalia Okoń-Rudnicka / book launch

mia ART GALLERY and Mia Art Books Publishing House are happy to announce the launch of the book "Michaś i Księżyc" ("Little Michael and the Moon") with text by Waldemar Okoń, illustrated by Natalia Okoń-Rudnicka. 

„Little Michael and the Moon” is a poetic tale by Waldemar Okoń. Its main character is a little boy who befriends the Moon, the Rainbow, the Falling Star, the African Elefant and a girl named Little Michaela. It is a story about the beauty of the world – with colorful, dreamlike illustrations by Natalia Okoń-Rudnicka. It is a book for children and for those adults who have not yet left their adventurous, truth-seeking and vulnerable inner child.

Full  schedule of the event: 

12.00 - 

meeting with the authors

reading of the book

art workshop for children, with Natalia Okoń-Rudnicka

14.00 - 

the opening of the "Kolumb płynie Czarostatkiem (a Wrocław ilustruje)" / "Columbus sails the Dream-Ship (and Wrocław illustrates)" exhibition

14.00 - 

art workshop for children, with Paweł Mildner

15.00 - 

art workshop for children, with Tomasz Broda


About the exhibition: 

The exhibition presents works created by eight acknowledged illustrators related to Wrocław, who has been recognized for their colorful (even if black and white at times) pieces both in Poland and abroad, winning numerous important competitions, exhibiting their work in many cultural centers, both big and small. However, the most important characteristic that ties them together is the fact that all of them are creating and illustrating original (art)books. The presentation in mia ART GALLERY consists of illustrations which has been chosen by their authors themselves, derived from one of their books. The sequences of pictures allow the viewers to reconstruct interesting, already existing stories, as well as to created new, intriguing narratives on their basis. Who knows, maybe someday those new stories will also fin their very own illustrators?



About Mia Art Books: 

is a new publishing house in the Polish market, focused on unique, artistically elaborated publications, dedicated to such themes as fine arts, art criticism and original literary text, written both in Polish and foreign languages. Our books should satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of contemporary art and literature. High formal and artistic quality of the publications is guaranteed by the close relationship of the publishing house with a leading art gallery in Wrocław – mia ART GALLERY. The aim of Mia Art Books is to fill the gap in the Polish publishing market by promoting unique works and artbooks, bringing to the general audience high, selected art and, at the same time, to serve as a platform for understanding the many different aspects of culture of our time.