Paweł Baśnik | Justyna Baśnik Andrzejewska | Łukasz Huculak | Urszula Madera | Monika Polak | Alicja Pruchniewicz | Paulina Rega

Curator: Bogusław Deptuła
mia ART GALLERY / Plac Solny 11

The 7 x Space exhibition is a meeting of the seven artists – seven different individualities, representing different aesthetics, different ways of understanding the notion of space: both artistic and physical.
Such connection is possible thanks to – on a physical level – the interior of mia ART GALLERY and – in artistic terms – the person of Łukasz Huculak. It was his didactic practice that enabled those young creators to come together. Their strong and individual personalities, still at the beginning of their careers, crossed their paths within the walls of the Academy in Wrocław. Together, they do not constitute any group – it is only, or as much as some kind of a potency: of different outlooks and different possibilities of painting. Paintings does not have to be judgmental but it can be extremely useful. A picture, as it is traditionally seen, can still unveil for both artists and their audience some non-obvious contexts or possibilities for idealistic and compositional solutions – that is, the painterly conclusions. The number of such possibilities and decisions is infinite. Let us just see seven of them and simply choose those which we like the most, those that fit our taste or our hard to define sense of what art really is – or rather: what it becomes in the explorations of the young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.