We are happy to announce the first solo show held in our new space on Solny Square (Plac Solny 11) – the exhibition dedicated to Konrad Jarodzki’s art. Jarodzki (b. 1927), a painter and an architect, the member of the famed „Wrocław Group” („Grupa Wrocławska”) and founder of Archicom, is one of the most important figures of the contemporary art scene in Wrocław. For years he was associated with the School of Fine Arts (now Academy of Fine Arts) in Wrocław as a professor and as its rector.

„Konrad Jarodzki’s painting is born from painting. It remains one of the very few examples of art derived from a technique considered by an artist to be the most natural, or even specifically ascribed to him. The circular and swinging movements of the brush, the emerging streaks and color transitions inevitably recall organic forms. That is true, however, we have never known them before, we have never seen anything like them before – still, we sense and read them as natural. It is probably the greatest success of Jarodzki’s artistic practice – when he reveals his very own forms, never before existent, created within the four walls of his studio, as something natural, timeless, eternal. Using his painterly means sparsely, Jarodzki activates huge layers of our imagination and our need for the discovery of new meanings. Those who have written about him were eager to ascribe various interpretation to those compositions. It is our natural, human tendency to name the unnamed. However, what is unnamed should remain so. In his last paintings Jarodzki uses his own technique for another kind of aspects, this time for non-abstract art. There are series of letters, there are portraits, birds in the snow, and finally the gravest painterly intention of the artist – the series of works dedicated to the World Trade Center. It turned out, that his technique is apt also for the depiction of very specific images, also those intensely dramatic.”

/ Bogusław Deptuła /