7 x Wrocław / mia ART GALLERY on the Solny Square

We are happy to announce: we are already open in our new space on Solny Square (Plac Solny 11), known formerly as Galeria na Solnym. Right before the official opening which will take place during the vernissage of the first exhibition in the new place, we warmly invite you to come and see the permanent exhibition – the presentation of works by seven artists from Wrocław, related to our Gallery and extremely important for us: Józef Hałas, Konrad Jarodzki, Hanna Krzetuska, Alfons Mazurkiewicz, Anna Szpakowska-Kujawska, Lev Stern, Łukasz Huculak. It is also the announcement of the upcoming solo shows: of Konrad Jarodzki’s and Anna Szpakowska’s paintings – stay tuned for more information!