Tomasz Jakub Sysło

An unobvious artist.

We know him better from social activism and murals.

He is recognisable thanks to his trademark characteristic line and the figure of the comic book tfurca, which he uses to create picture stories with a positive message. Socially sensitive with the unique sense of an observer. Creator of good energy, a force in the fight for the weak, he has made a mark on the map of Wrocław with his artistic incarnations, like a comic book hero fighting for others by fighting for himself. A troublemaker, kamikaze and a knight.

Positive painter.

His art is a method of communication - we understand the language of graphics, we smile at the sharp, sometimes raw colours because we know that this palette can change the world for the better.

Over more than a year, overcoming his own weaknesses, he prepared a special set for Wrocław

and the world. At mia ART GALLERY, we will see dozens of small canvasses and just as many ceramic tiles - the latest and slightly older works by the artist.

“I transform what I see and what I feel into art. What I create is a commentary on an existing or an imagined reality. These are pure emotions, the essence of my inner world. Everything flows through me, through my soul and my heart. This is the cosmos, the universe.

Painting is an experiment for me, a trial, a search for a new expression. The paintings are made over a long time, they're logical, well thought out and evolve or sometimes explode... I mix techniques on the canvasses and play with layers.

I create, juxtapose colours, sometimes scratch the canvas, glue something to the paintings, I make collages, I mix conventions. This is how the so-called meat of the painting, the tissue of the painting, of everything, is created.  I like it that way.

I strive for satisfaction and happiness in what I do.”

TOMASZ JAKUB SYSŁO born 1973 - artist, graphic, painter, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, influencer, social activist, social media expert, father of 8-year-old Tymoteusz.