Little Big Collections : Meeting with the Collector

With the ehxibition of Hermansdorfer Collection, mia ART GALLERY begins cycles of meeting with collectors. 

Alina and Mariusz Hermansdorfer will be the first guests and the meeting will lead prof. Waldemar Okoń. 

"Our meetings with collections and collectors will therefore be tales, which would otherwise not take place in the here and now. We hope that these tales will be interesting, just like pulling aside the veil of mystery of events and people, which would otherwise not be revealed, is always interesting. To truly exist, a work of art much have viewers and listeners. In our gallery, the selected works and their collectors will speak, and we invite you to participate in this one of a kind spectacle that perhaps will bring us closer to the history of art history and above to the realm of human emotions, which is so very important today"

Porf. Waldemar Okoń 


25 November at 5 pm


You are very welcome